We want to make changes

We aim to reduce poverty as a result of sustainable socio-economic environment
and improve livelihoods particularly of the organization.

Economic Empowerment

We seek to facilitate basic business management training for small scale traders and vendors in Oloitoktok to promote a culture of savings through Savings and Credits Societies – SACCO’s. We also hope to link and refer women traders to affordable credit facilities for business development through micro finance.


Prevention is better than cure. We serve people who have resource constraints in the rural of Kajiado. As such we promote disease prevention to reduce expenditure on medicine and treatment. We support home based care for management of diseases like Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis for treatment adherence.

Poverty Reduction

We work to break the multi-generational chain of poverty that has bedeviled the rural communities and women of this community. We promote dignified and honest life for men and women through innovation hard work and self-realization and farming for economic empowerment.

Human Rights

Through advocacy we lobby for the enactment of favorable laws on human and women rights .we also undertake follow-up to ensure compliance by all the duty bearers to the new human rights related laws. Green world organization support the enactment of a new constitution for Kenya.

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About GreenWorldCommunity

We are a Community-Based Organization in Entarara village, Kenya.

We believe in honesty and dedication to all our courses to the community and to the partners.

Green world organization is registered in the Office of Gender and social Development Committee, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, as a Community Based Organization.

The organization was formed in 2013 and was amongst the pioneer organizations advocating for the welfare of the members, youth and community empowerment through local based farming, talents tapping, nurturing and capacity building.

The involvements and moderation efforts are tailor-made to eliminate the suffering of those most in need. We boost a new model of leadership that represents a global vision of sensitivity towards all people irrespective of the social status.

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Team Members

Alfred Akeyo
Vincent oyoo
Walter odede
Isack makori
Organizing Secretary

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